Massage: types and benefits image

Massage: types and benefits

Have you wondered if massage therapy might compliment your chiropractic care? Or felt curious about what massage is or what it does, and how it might help? Massage therapy involves manipulating the body’s soft tissues, including the muscles, fascia, fibrous tissues, ligaments...

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Tennis Elbow & Golf Elbow image

Tennis Elbow & Golf Elbow

Do you have pain at your elbow? Is the discomfort worse on movement and everyday use? Does the problem stubbornly refuse to subside, even after rest? Do you frequently use your arms? You might have tennis or golfer’s elbow. These conditions have similar causes, effects and t...

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Biking and your back image

Biking and your back

Biking is a fun form of exercise, but is it helping or hurting your back? ...

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The power of the hamstring image

The power of the hamstring

Surprisingly the hamstring muscles are not very active when you’re walking or standing, but they play an extremely important role in other activities. ...

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Strong, lean and healthy image

Strong, lean and healthy

Do you think that strength training isn’t suitable for you? Find out why it is an essential part of an exercise plan for everybody. ...

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Taking care of your hamstrings image

Taking care of your hamstrings

It’s likely you’ve heard of a pulled hamstring. Maybe you’ve watched as your favourite sports player suddenly stopped, grasping the back of their thigh. You might have experienced it yourself or know someone who’s been struck by this troublesome injury. You may not realis...

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Know more about your knees image

Know more about your knees

If you were to take 7500 daily steps over the course of 80 years, you would rack up over 219 million paces in your lifetime. That’s a lot of work for two knees. It’s little wonder they can develop problems and become painful. Knees are prone to a range of issues.  HOW...

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Motivational music and exercise image

Motivational music and exercise

The researchers in the journal Psychology of Sport & Exercise found that music can impact your effort. The athletes generated more enjoyment, and that this effect has the potential to reduce the chances of people giving up on exercise.   During exercise, listening to mu...

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Ankle sprains: prevention and treatment image

Ankle sprains: prevention and treatment

A sprained ankle is a common injury in our sports loving communities. It often happens during soccer, footy, netball, running, and walking.  Even minor sprains can take a long time to heal − one in three people still complain about ankle problems years after the injury...

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Swimming for your life  image

Swimming for your life 

If you’re looking for an activity that has an array of health benefits, consider taking up swimming. It’s a low-cost, low-impact, and relaxing activity that provides a full-body workout. The main advantage that swimming has over other physical activities is that th...

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Piriformis Syndrome and leg pain image

Piriformis Syndrome and leg pain

Piriformis syndrome refers to pain in the buttocks area, just below your low back. The piriformis is an important hip muscle and is located near the sciatic nerve in the buttock, one of the largest nerves in the body. If the piriformis muscle aggravates the sciatic nerve, sting...

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Say No To Knots  image

Say No To Knots 

Muscles knots can be extremely painful, but there are many ways you can both prevent and treat them. Muscle knots are muscle fibres that are tight and tense, even when your body is at rest. They may be sensitive to touch, and feel swollen and lumpy. Muscle knots commonl...

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 Cycling Injuries and Chiropractic Treatment image

Cycling Injuries and Chiropractic Treatment

If you ask a chiropractor how many patients they see about cycling injuries, the answer might surprise you. From neck or shoulder injuries to lower back, knees and foot, cyclists suffer from injuries of all kinds. Surprisingly most injuries are not from direct trauma but rather ...

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 Chiropractic and running injuries image

Chiropractic and running injuries

Running happens to be one of the best and easiest exercises that one can easily include in his or her fitness regime, and should. Running not only brings amazing cardiovascular benefits, but it also helps in staying physically, emotionally and mentally fit.  Running keeps ...

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 Arthritis treatment image

Arthritis treatment

The word arthritis in its real sense translates to ‘joint inflammation’. But, it is typically used to refer to more than 200 rheumatic conditions and disease of the tissues surrounding the joint and the connective joint tissues.  Osteoarthritis is the most common type ...

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How to treat a muscle strain? image

How to treat a muscle strain?

Muscular strain is often caused due to over-stretching or pulled out muscles. This usually starts after fatigue attacks caused by overuse or inappropriate muscle twists. Muscle strains could happen in any part of the body, but mostly they affect the lower back, neck, shoulder, a...

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Join us on our Social Wellbeing Walk image

Join us on our Social Wellbeing Walk

As part of Spinal Health week 2019 (20-26 May) Coastline Chiropractic Centre are doing a Wellbeing Walk to encourage everyone, young, mature and canine to 'Just Start Walking'. We will walk from Oxley Beach to Town Green and return (2.5km's approx).  Where: Oxley Beach...

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 Knee Pain conditions image

Knee Pain conditions

With today’s increasingly active society, the number of knee problems is increasing. Knee pain has a wide variety of specific causes and treatments.   The knee joint’s primary function is to bend, straighten, and bear the weight of the body, along with the ankles...

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 Knee pain - Chiropractic care image

Knee pain - Chiropractic care

Patellofemoral pain causes pain in and around the front of the knee. It’s also called “runner’s knee,” and can keep you from activities that involve bending your knee. Your knee is formed from the thighbone (femur), the shinbone (tibia), and the kneecap (patella). ...

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The mystery of muscle cramps  image

The mystery of muscle cramps 

If you’ve ever experienced muscle cramps, you will know the searing pain and the panic to get rid of it. With such intense agony, you’d expect to be able to find out what it’s all about, but no one understands what causes it or even how it happens. A muscle cramp also...

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The Benefits of Being Flexible  image

The Benefits of Being Flexible 

Most people know they should stretch their muscles before they exercise, but what happens if you stretch all the time? If you make a conscious effort to stretch all your muscles throughout the day, not just before or after you exercise, you may discover some sur...

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