Are you ‘out of step’? Understanding over pronation and its impact on your body

You may not think about how your feet are hitting the ground when you walk or run, but the way you step matters, especially if you enjoy sports, like running. If your feet twist inwards, or you have fallen arches, you could be excessively pronating. Let’s investigate this and what it means for your body.

Pronation and supination of the ankle and feet allow your feet to adapt to uneven ground, absorb shock, and walk. Technically, pronation refers to the combined movements of your foot and ankle - turning outward, moving away from your body, and bending upwards.

But sometimes pronation can be excessive, which is called over pronation. It’s common and tends to be more prevalent with age, obesity, and in women. High-impact sports like basketball and ankle injuries can cause or contribute to over pronation. It can also affect more than just your foot and ankle motion; other areas of your body may become strained.

Over pronation changes mechanical function, so your bones and muscles can become stressed. Foot, arch, and heel pain can result, but it may also affect your pelvis and spine.

When your foot rolls inwards, it causes your legs, knees, hips, and spine to twist and shift. This may also cause other problems, for example back pain is common in over pronators.

Fortunately, there are ways to treat over pronation. Wear shoes that provide proper support and stability, like arch support and motion control. In some cases, orthotics (custom-made shoe inserts), may help to correct pronation and provide additional support.

Exercises to strengthen your feet and core are essential. For example:
• walking on the inside and outside borders of your foot.
• grabbing small items, like marbles, with your toes and moving them from place to place.
• strengthening the muscles of your abdomen and spine.

We are trained in the diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal conditions, which includes assessing and treating issues related to foot mechanics. We can discuss with you different options to help with over pronation, which may also prevent further damage to your body.

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<div>Are you ‘out of step’? Understanding over pronation and its impact on your body</div>