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Feeling a pinch in your back?--

Feeling a pinch in your back?

Do you have a pinched nerve, or wonder if you might? This condition can be incredibly painful; disabling even. So, it’s important to understand what it is, why it happens and how to find relief. Also, what steps may prevent a pinched nerve in the first place.

Tennis elbow and golfer's elbow--

Tennis elbow and golfer's elbow

Do you have pain at your elbow? Is the discomfort worse on movement and everyday use?

Frozen shoulders can thaw--

Frozen shoulders can thaw

Is your shoulder painful, and are you experiencing stiffness and disability which has worsened over time? 

Weight matters when it comes to joint pain--

Weight matters when it comes to joint pain

When we consider joint pain, obesity is generally not the first thought that springs to mind.

Being smart about salt--

Being smart about salt

Taking a closer look at the salt you get in your diet might surprise you. If you don’t keep track of your sodium intake, it could be time to start.

Learn more about your knees--

Learn more about your knees

If you were to take 7500 daily steps over the course of 80 years, you would rack up over 219 million paces in your lifetime. That’s a lot of work for two knees.

Ankle Sprains: Prevention and Treatment--

Ankle Sprains: Prevention and Treatment

A sprained ankle is a common injury in our sports loving communities. It often happens during soccer, footy, netball, running, and walking.

Your body’s balancing act--

Your body’s balancing act

Have you given much thought to your balance? Or do you, like many others, take this ability for granted?

How to build better bone health.--

How to build better bone health.

Have you ever stopped to think about your bones? Until they fracture or hurt, we often don’t. After all, they are tucked away out of view. 

Lose the pain and improve your game!--

Lose the pain and improve your game!

Have you ever sprinted for a backhand only to have a back spasm stop you in your tracks? Maybe you’ve been nursing spinal discomfort but it’s affecting your serve and smash? Back pain is common in tennis players; your sport might be causing, or making your pain worse.

Swimming for your life --

Swimming for your life 

If you’re looking for an activity that has an array of health benefits, consider taking up swimming. It’s a low-cost, low-impact, and relaxing activity that provides a full body workout.

Sleeping comfortably with lower back pain--

Sleeping comfortably with lower back pain

As anyone with lower back pain will  know, it can take time to find the best sleeping position. But is the one you found comfortable and beneficial?

The benefits of being flexible--

The benefits of being flexible

Most people know they should stretch their muscles before they exercise, but what happens if you stretch all the time?

If you make a conscious effort to stretch all your muscles throughout the day, not just before or after you exercise, you may discover some surprising benefits.

Sciatica Relief: are you on the right path?--

Sciatica Relief: are you on the right path?

Many people think sciatica is a medical condition that describes back and leg pain. There are misconceptions around the causes and how to treat it with many believing there’s a “one size fits all” approach to alleviating it.

Chiropractic Care and What It Can Do For You [May/June 2019]--

Chiropractic Care and What It Can Do For You [May/June 2019]

Around the world, chiropractors are using over 100 adjustment techniques to alleviate pain, enhance joint function, and reduce inflammation. What are they doing for you?

Taking Control of Chronic Back Pain [March/April 2019]--

Taking Control of Chronic Back Pain [March/April 2019]

If you suffer from chronic pain, you may think no one understands how you feel. But, did you know one in five Australians are suffering from it too, and even more in the over-65 age bracket?