Motivational music and exercise

The researchers in the journal Psychology of Sport & Exercise found that music can impact your effort. The athletes generated more enjoyment, and that this effect has the potential to reduce the chances of people giving up on exercise.
During exercise, listening to music was found to increase physical exertion during interval training compared to other variables, reflected by higher heart rate levels and greater peak power.
The researchers concluded that listening to motivational music during interval training may enhance feelings of pleasure, improve enjoyment, elevate performance, and ultimately encourage continued participation.
What to consider with the workout playlist:

  • Go up-tempo – Listening to music upbeat and stimulating tends to have a fast tempo, and a robust rhythm has more significant tendencies for achieving high performance and pleasure. However, the key is to find something that motivates you.
  • Consider proper safety - When listening to music outdoors, make sure the volume is at a level where you can still hear other sounds around you, such as an approaching car or barking dog. Lowering the volume level will also prevent any potential damage to your hearing.
  • Change it up regularly – Keep things interesting by changing your playlist constantly.
  • Use slow tunes to cool down – Just as fast music can boost your intensity, slower music is ideal for cooling down or stretching at the end of your run. Slow tunes allow the body to relax and release muscular tension, helping to improve muscle recovery.

Just getting back into exercise or looking for some more tips to motivate yourself and prevent injuries, read more of our exercise and fitness blogs or book an appointment for some nutrition and exercise advice.

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Motivational music and exercise
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