Cycling Injuries and Chiropractic Treatment

If you ask a chiropractor how many patients they see about cycling injuries, the answer might surprise you. From neck or shoulder injuries to lower back, knees and foot, cyclists suffer from injuries of all kinds. Surprisingly most injuries are not from direct trauma but rather often a case of overuse. However, given the fact that cycling happens to be a long distance sporting event; these injuries are common, but not non-preventable. 

With the rise of people training for triathlons, more and more people are falling prey to cycling induced injuries due to improper form and lack of knowledge. This is why chiropractors are seeing more number of cyclists who want to stay healthy and keep their game up. 

Given the rise of fitness fad among youngsters and how physically active they have become, and the apparent increase of cycling enthusiasts, let’s see how cyclists have found a trustworthy friend in a chiropractor. 

  • Help you in bettering your balance and muscle tone
  • Help you in improving your range of motion
  • Better cycling mechanics
  • Chiropractors assist you in relieving pain
  • They speed up the recovery process. 

Considering the first three points, it is clear that chiropractors help you in preventing injuries by improving your flexibility and body balance. But that is not an out and out solution that will make you impervious to injuries and pain. 

That’s the primary role of a chiropractor comes into play. As we all know prolonged cycling can cause fatigue and inflammation in your neck, back (mainly lower back), shoulders, knees, ankles, hips, hands, wrists and feet, while also takes a toll on your ligaments, a chiropractor can help you in alleviating the injuries and resulting pain.

Cycling Injuries and Chiropractic Treatment