How can chiropractic care benefit athletes?

Chiropractors can play a role in enhancing athletic performance and preventing injuries for athletes. Australian chiropractors commonly treat athletes, who consistently report high levels of trust and satisfaction in their care. 

Considering the physical demands athletes often face, encountering pain is to be expected. However, when pain arises, it can significantly impact both participation and performance. Additionally, untreated pain can become an ongoing problem. We understand these issues, and that resting is hard, especially with impending competitions. Thankfully, we can help to ease discomfort and pain. 

Low back problems 

Athletes face a higher risk of low back pain due to heavy loads and years of sports activity. Additionally, prior episodes of low back pain increase the risk of it returning. Chiropractic care offers evidence-based support in reducing pain and improving function in chronic lower back pain. 

Beyond pain relief 

We also provide additional benefits beyond pain relief. A 2019 study published in the International Journal of Clinical Medicine Research revealed that chiropractic care can enhance performance, and improve injury and rehabilitation measures for athletes. That’s a powerful trio.
Research published in BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, investigated the impact of regular chiropractic care throughout an Aussie Rules season. The structured plan resulted in reductions to primary lower limb muscle strains. There were also less weeks missed due to non-contact knee injuries. 

From a chiropractic standpoint, adjusting our patients frequently results in enhanced range of motion and flexibility. Muscles relax and joints function better. For athletes, a body that moves well can perform well. 

Chiropractors have long supported athletes to help them perform better and recover faster. Our care is aimed at optimising your body's potential and overall well-being.

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How can chiropractic care benefit athletes?
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