Arthritis treatment

The word arthritis in its real sense translates to ‘joint inflammation’. But, it is typically used to refer to more than 200 rheumatic conditions and disease of the tissues surrounding the joint and the connective joint tissues. 

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis. Other conditions related to arthritis are fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout. 

 Causes of Arthritis 

Arthritis has many types, and there is no single cause or a group of causes to any of those conditions. The reasons can vary depending on the type of it. However, some of the most common or potential causes are

  • Physical injury leading to the degeneration of the tissue 
  • Abnormalities of the metabolism leading to gout
  • Infections like Lyme disease 
  • Genetic factors 
  • RA, SLE – the standard immune system dysfunctions 

A combination of these factors can contribute to arthritis even though some conditions don’t always have an apparent cause. Some people have the kind of genetic disposition which makes them more susceptible towards arthritic conditions. Additionally, factors like smoking, infection, previous injuries, and being involved in occupations that are physically demanding can aggravate arthritic conditions as well. They can increase the likelihood of degeneration of joint tissues. 

Nutrition and diet also play a significant role in managing this condition. Although there is no direct link found between food and arthritic condition; but consuming certain foods to which the person is allergic or sensitive can cause the inflammation of the joints. For example, foods high in refined sugar or derived animal products can further this condition. 

Treatment for arthritis 

The specific treatment would depend on an accurate diagnosis made by your physician or trained health professional. Some advice may include: 

Lose weight

Extra weight puts more pressure on the knees which can aggravate the pain. Therefore, it is recommended for arthritic patients to lose weight. 


Avoid running or brisk walking that might pressurise the joints. Instead, opt for activities like swimming and aerobics. These can help maintain the flexibility of the joints. Hot and cold therapy – Long relaxing baths; both hot and cold can be helpful in relieving the pain. 


The ancient therapy involves inserting needles at certain pain points that are supposed to restore the energy and balance the physical health. This alternative treatment is excellent for treating arthritis. 


Regular meditation and mindfulness have been found helpful in improving several medical conditions; one of which is arthritis. It helps the person in coping with the pain. 


Regular massages can improve the range of motion. It can help with the stiffness as well as pain in the joints.

Arthritis treatment