Ergonomic workstations.

People can suffer fatigue, backache, headache, neckache and more due to poor workstation set up. We have put together a document outlining 'How to set up a workstation' and we encourage you to download and share amongst your colleagues and peers so everyone can use the tools for a healthier, happier workstation.

Here's some ergonomic ideas to start you off:
  1. Keep in a neutral position with elbows, forearms and wrists in a straight line.
  2. Keep your chin tucked towards the chest and aligned with the spine rather than poking forward or upwards.
  3. Interrupt sitting position by getting up and walking or stretching. Take mini-breaks.
  4. Alternate between different positions: sitting, standing, sitting on a gym ball.
  5. Organise equipment and supplies to the most efficient arrangement for daily tasks.

Coastline Chiropractic Centre are Work Cover approved providers and SIRA certified. 
Download 'Setting up your Workstation' for more ideas. 

Download the Poster
Ergonomic workstations.