Overview of a backache or sciatica – a common workplace injury

Almost 80% of the adult population experiences back pain at some point. So, if you too are suffering from it; you are not alone. A backache or sciatica is one of the most common forms of workplace injuries. It also happens to be the leading cause of job-related disability. Both the genders are equally affected by this medical condition. The intensity of this pain can range from a dull sensation to constant, or sudden sharp feeling leaving the person incapacitated. 

The pain can be triggered suddenly due to some accident or due to lifting a heavy object. It can also develop over a period due to changes happening in the spine as a result of advancing age. An inactive lifestyle is another cause that can lead to the onset the lower back pain. 

Classification of Back pain 

Acute back pain Most of the lower back pains are acute and happen to be short-term only. They last for only a couple of weeks and get resolved on their own with a little self-care resulting in no residual loss of function. Most backaches are mechanical in nature. What it means is that it causes disruption in the way spine, muscles, nerves, and intervertebral discs fit together. Manual therapy such as Chiropractic care has been demonstrated to be very cost effective for this condition. 

Subacute back pain 

When the back pain lasts anywhere between four to twelve weeks; it’s called subacute low back pain. Combining manual physical therapy such as Chiropractic care with active rehabilitation provides better outcomes for this condition. 

Chronic back pain 

On the other hand, chronic back pain lasts for more than 12 weeks even when the cause of pain has been medically treated. In some of the cases, the treatment can alleviate the back pain successfully. But, in others, the pain continues to persist despite surgical and medical care. 

The number of cases in which people were suffering from the low back pain or sciatica has grown worse over the years. The medical condition ranked sixth in 1990; citing it as the sixth most difficult medical condition in the US causing poor health and mortality. However, in 2010, it jumped to the third place with obstructive pulmonary disease and ischemic heart disease ranking higher. 

Back pain is a common workplace injury. A Chiropractic approach is found to be safe, cost-efficient and professionally acknowledged therapy to manage various forms of back pain.

Overview of a backache or sciatica – a common workplace injury