Is It Important To Follow A Treatment Schedule?

Why do we set a treatment schedule? It’s a little question that we think is important to answer, as the answer matters greatly. While one session may, at times, bring pain relief, it cannot create permanent change. It would be lovely if the body was that simple. Instead, healing takes time and effort.

Think about starting a gym program. Would you expect to reach peak fitness after a single session? No, it’s not possible. We know that changing the body, increasing fitness and strength takes time and the right kind of regular repetition (weights, for example). We understand this as an ongoing process, with each session building upon the one before. We don’t notice much change from one day to the next but, after some time, the differences can be profound; even life changing.

The same is true of a chiropractic healing approach. Adjustments build from one session to the next. In between, the body continues to grow and heal. Just like at the gym.

In addition, by the time many patients come to see us, they’ve had spinal problems for some time. Often, though, these are not felt as pain and the problem has been present much longer than symptoms might indicate. Focusing on the underlying cause can take time, but will lead to positive and longer lasting results.

That’s why we encourage you to remain on your treatment schedule. A personalised plan of chiropractic care can help to stabilise your spinal conditions and reduce pain − it has been created specifically for you, to give you the best outcomes.

If you would like to discuss your treatment schedule or have questions about it you can contact Darren and he can answer your question or call the clinic on 6583 9393.

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Is It Important To Follow A Treatment Schedule?