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Our team at Coastline Chiropractic Centre consists of highly qualified practitioners who have an active interest to get you well. Current understanding of rehabilitation accepts that repair occurs in phases. The stages are not clearly delineated but rather transitional guides. 

At Coastline Chiropractic Centre we acknowledge chiropractic rehabilitation has defined three phases. The phases will vary in the style and type of therapy, intensity and frequency of consultation and often level of your participation in-home care activities. 

So which chiropractic rehabilitation phase are you?
<b>Relief Care</b>

Relief Care

The Relief Phase is often the first or initial phase of Chiropractic Rehabilitation. As the name describes, this phase of care aims to provide maximum relief. Our primary focus at Coastline Chiropractic at this time is to have you feeling comfortable, out of pain and support relief as quickly as possible. 

Therapy and treatment applied are backed by evidence based medicine for optimising relief. The therapy will also be personalised for the condition and your needs. Furthermore, the active therapy will always emphasise caution and safety because when the body is in pain normal warning reflexes are disturbed. 

The chiropractic care consultation frequency during 'Reliefe Care' is individually tailored to your needs and condition. Often a schedule of care may be implemented for convenience which may cover the coming weeks of relief care. Sometimes the consultation therapy visits may be daily for weeks or a couple of times a week for weeks. The intensity of the treatment schedule is to maximise the transition out of 'Relief Care' and into 'Correction Care'.

<b>Corrective Care</b>

Corrective Care

The Corrective Phase is often a transition from the relief phase of Chiropractic Rehabilitation care. The body heals and repairs through its internal building and scaffolding cellular processes. Therefore, this rehabilitation phase respects the time and tissues involved with the moulding and supportive process. 

Importantly, you are often not in pain. However, the muscles, ligaments, nervous tissue and the movement properties of your body needs to be addressed. 

Often we may start talking about concepts like; 

  • short leg, 
  • weakened muscles, 
  • softening of the nervous system, 
  • slow muscle timing, 
  • unbalanced gait or stance. 
You see, now we start looking at your whole body function. Remember a car can travel on a journey quite well with uneven tyre pressure. However, we understand this is detrimental to the performance and optimum function. The same principle is applied to the human function. 

It can take a long time for a condition to develop, which in many cases is longer than the symptoms have been present, so often it won’t heal overnight!

<b> Wellness Care</b>

Wellness Care

During wellness care, we encourage good home and social health practices. We discuss ways you can support your pillars of health identified by World Health Organisation (WHO). The level of active Chiropractic therapy frequency tapers and transitions to more self-managed practice. 

As a chiropractic centre with neurological rehabilitation training, this phase of care is where the massive neural growth can occur. Many of our clients at Coastline Chiropractic choose wellness or wellbeing care for themselves and their families. A selection of a lifestyle of optimum health through all areas of your health, is aligned with Coastline Chiropractic. Likewise, with all the other Chiropractic Rehabilitation phases, the choice is ultimately up to you.