Exercise provides relief for Sciatica

Sciatica happens to be the largest nerve in the body. When this nerve become compressed or damaged due to any pressure, it can cause pain in the back. Medically this condition is called sciatica. 

One of the ways to treat it is through physical rehabilitation programs and individual exercises. 

Exercise for Sciatica Pain Relief 

Usually, people suffering from this condition are suggested to get bed rest. However, after the bed rest is over, physical activity can flare-up the pain; triggering the discomfort all over again. Lack of movement and physical exercise conditions the spinal structure to not be able to support the back. Over the time this can weaken the muscles even further. Therefore, exercising is much more efficient in treating sciatica than bed rest. 

 Here’s what to expect from a typical sciatica exercise program...

Core muscle strength

Most exercises aimed to treat sciatica strengthens the back and abdominal muscles so that it provides the back with better support. Stretching exercises further targets the problem areas from where the pain is generating. When muscles lose their flexibility, that’s when the pain begins. Engaging in regular stretching exercises can help the muscles regain its flexibility. The person is also less likely to experience pain in the future. It also lessens the likelihood of the problem flaring-up again. 

Accurate diagnosis

The exercise programs for sciatica are designed to treat the root of the problem. The cause can be spinal stenosis or herniated disc. It’s important to recognise the underlying causes to come up with the best exercise regimen. Failure to do so can end-up doing the patient more damage than good. Therefore, accurately diagnosing the condition is crucial before starting any exercise program.

Exercise provides relief for Sciatica