Discovering vitality: the power of good posture

"Pull your shoulders back!” “Stand up straight!” You’ve probably heard these words before, but is there any wisdom in them? Or are they from a bygone era fixated on a prim and proper appearance? It’s an important question in today’s world where we spend hours hunched over computers and sitting. 

Your posture affects your entire body. Recognising the benefits of good posture and the drawbacks of poor posture can help you make better choices to improve your habits and health. Let’s delve into these aspects. 

1. Strength, movement and support 

Good posture maintains your spinal curves. It’s not about sitting rigidly upright, because your spine is naturally curved. These natural curves absorb and spread physical strain, and enable efficient movement. They protect and promote nerve function and provide a foundation that connects and supports muscles, ligaments, and other bones. And this is just the spine - every joint and skeletal muscle contributes to posture.
That’s why good posture helps prevent muscle strain and overuse, which reduces shoulder, back, and neck pain and other discomfort. From a chiropractic perspective, good posture keeps the bones and joints, including the spine, in correct alignment. But posture impacts more than the musculoskeletal system.  

2. Breathing and lung health 

When you breathe in, your rib cage expands, helping to draw air into your lungs. But if you slouch or hunch over, it constricts your rib cage. This makes it harder to breathe because it reduces how much air your lungs can take in. So, sitting up straight and expanding your chest helps you breathe better.
Poor posture not only hampers your ability to breathe properly, but also leads to longterm complications. Increased kyphosis, the outward curve of the middle back, contributes to a decline in lung function over time. Good posture makes it easier to inhale and exhale for optimal breathing.   

3. Stress, confidence and mood 

The benefits of good posture reach beyond physical well-being. When you're feeling stressed, sitting up correctly can make a difference. Press your lower back against the back of the seat, align your head above your shoulders, and let your shoulders relax, naturally following gravity. Why? Correct posture can enhance self-esteem, reduce negativity and improve mood. The effects of your posture are far-reaching and critical. That’s why we may provide exercise and advice about how you sit or stand; or advise you to take time away from digital devices. If you have any concerns, ask us for a postural assessment. 

Your posture is more important than you might think. Good posture enhances your well-being and is essential for a healthy lifestyle.

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Discovering vitality: the power of good posture
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