Common chiropractic technique for Neck & Back pain

Chiropractic techniques are based on the belief/idea that the body can heal itself if provided with the right tools. Mentioned below are the common chiropractic technique explained briefly

Gonstead Technique 

This technique is used to locate the body parts where adjustments are required. An X-ray is used to pinpoint the exact problematic area. The technique is often considered the safest practice which is why it is mostly used on children, elderly, and pregnant women. 

Diversified Technique 

This technique helps adjust lumbar disk herniation to offer relief from leg and back pain. It is now also used as a way to treat carpal tunnel. Diversified technique involves thrusting the hand with resistance from a block or a table. As a result of applying this technique, one would often notice a popping sound signaling a restored joint as well as improved neurological functioning.

Applied Chiropractic Neurological Rehabilitation 

This is basically a highly skilled entity of the profession which detailed understanding of the functional neurological performance. This scientific field is principally the practice of functional neurology spans multiple disciplines including chiropractic, psychology, medicine, optometry, audiology, and physical and occupational therapies. It is very rapidly becoming a concept that is gaining wide acceptance as a powerful brain-based treatment option for disorders of the nervous system, like back pain, neck pain, brain injury and various neurological disorders. This technique helps in balancing the brain function through effective patent pathways.

Logan Basic Technique 

This technique involves the application of gently sustained pressure applied to the spine base. The pressure works to realign the spinal bones. This helps in alleviating lower back pain and headaches. One can feel the stress as the muscle tension in the back during the application of this technique. It is quite an effective and safe form of physical rehabilitation that medical practitioners use on both adults and children.

Other ancillary therapy

There are certain methods that can help alleviate muscular pain temporarily without any side effects. This includes applying ice or moist heat on the problem area. Typically people use a heating pad or a hot water bottle for this purpose. Stretching exercises and yoga can also increase flexibility.

Common chiropractic technique for Neck & Back pain