Backpack safety tips

Backpack Safety Tips for Kids Spinal Health brought to you by Inner Vision Surf & Skate and Coastline Chiropractic.
Inner Vision Surf and Skate of Port Macquarie were kind enough to lend us their store and entire backpack range so we could provide you with some important tips on how your child can correctly carry their backpack and prevent longterm spinal damage. 
Despite the increased use of technology in schools, children still overload their backpacks with books, sports gear, iPads and more or simply do not wear them correctly. 
Matt and Darren are here to say 
‘The kids can still look cool with their favourite backpack brands, but a few simple tips will help the kids to not place unhealthy stress on their spine and carry an even distribution of weight across their back.’ 
Five Tips for Backpack Safety 
  1. Pack the heaviest items closest to the spine 
  2. Make sure you do all the zips up 
  3. Secure the sternum, torso and compression straps
  4.  Always use both shoulder straps 
  5. Don’t wear the backpack below the hollow of the lower back

Backpack safety tips
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